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Ealing Trailfinders Community Department

Offers to Schools 2018/19

Breakfast Clubs: 'Wake Up' games using hand eye co-ordination games to prepare children for learning straight away!

Time: 8am - 8.45am

Cost: £5.00per child per morning

Outcomes: Pupils will be energised, alert, and ready to learn through kinetic movement. We can also provide breakfast food that some pupils might not be able to get at home.


Lunchtime Clubs: Oversee and manage all games on the playground - especially boys football but also games for other children to play in a safe environment

Time: 12.15pm - 1.15pm (or whenever you lunch time is)

Cost: £22.50 per coach

Outcomes: Manage and oversee playground sports activity. Encourage children to be active at lunch and to go back in to school in a positive frame of mind. Peace maker too!


After School Clubs: Any sport that you would like to run after school. We sign the children in and then sign them out at agreed checkpoint in school only when we can see and we know who they are going home with.

Time: 3.15pm - 4.15pm (or whenever your school day finishes)

Cost: £5.00per child per ASC

Outcomes: Pupils to play and try new sports or to improve on the skills required in their chosen sport. Focuses on potential pathways for pupils to enjoy sport outside of school within clubs.

Specialised Rugby Coaching: More in depth coaching focusing on team and individual skills and tactics. More suited for teams in year/class groups. Involves specific areas and is solely for Rugby Union.

Time: Completely up to you

Cost: £45.00per hour per coach

Outcomes: Pupils will receive intricate coaching focusing on the detail of the sport and enhancing performance. Also there as a role model and to provide potential pathways for pupils to play and train in a professional environment.


PPA Cover/Support: Covering 2 lessons for PE while the teacher has their PPA time. We also upskill teacher and work with them during this time if you wish. A LTP will be agreed beforehand with planning attached.

Time: Afternoon lessons straight after lunch

Cost: £75.00 for the afternoon

Outcomes: Pupils will be presented with a purposeful, fun learning environment that will allow each child to enhance their knowledge and understanding of PE. This will allow them to be prepared to move on to secondary schools with a sound knowledge of skill acquisition and games.

Reading & Rugby: Children will read in small groups or individually with the coach for the first lesson and then play tag rugby games for the second lesson. This is perfect for children that might not get to read to a male at home or even have a male role model in their lives. Also perfect for behavioural children. The tag rugby lesson then links the reading in to games.

Time: Morning session before lunch or Afternoon lessons straight after lunch

Cost: £75.00 for morning or afternoon.

Outcomes: Pupils will be able to practice their reading with a male role model with core values working on Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline and Sportsmanship. Makes Reading cool!


We offer packages to schools to help make it as cost effective as possible;

1. Just The Clubs!

A breakfast club, a lunch time club and a afterschool club for £100.00 per day

2. PPA or Reading & Rugby & ASC!

PPA Cover followed by a ASC for £75.00 + £5per child per session for the ASC, however the school receive £1.00 per child that registers and pays for the ASC back off the cost of the PPA

3. LTC/Reading & Rugby/ASC!

Lunchtime Cover, Reading & Rugby & a ASC (4 hours in total) £90.00 + £5.00per child per session however school receive £1.00 per child that registers and pays for the ASC back off the cost of the LTC & Reading & Rugby

4. Whole academic year Cover as PE Cover supervisor or PE technician with sports camps!

Monday - Friday -  Same coach every day 20, 30 or 40 hours per week for full academic year – prices available upon enquiry.

The coach would also lead sports camps in school holidays onsite where school and community department would share profit of the camps. Generally 8-9 camps per year generating £12,000 and up for the school. This is a great way for schools to provide cover all year round as well as providing sports holiday camps for its community to enjoy.